Facebook help!!! How to hide from IM?

Answer go down to bottom right corner there is a lil person with a green symbol next to it click on it, then click Go offline

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How to Hide Certain Game Status Updates from Other Friends from the Facebook News Feed?

Are you scared that you'll become addicted to a Facebook game(such as Farmville) and now, instead, want to hide these updates from your friends in the Facebook news feed? Use this article, to help ... Read More »

Hide a Facebook friend from iPhone app?

How do you hide a facebook from parents and siblings?

If you want to block them completely from being able to find you on Facebook, click on Account on the top left corner then click on Privacy settings. Near the bottom of the screen that comes up it ... Read More »

How can I hide ALL of my info on facebook from the public?

it's not just a single quick setting to change, you have to go thru all the parts of your profile and use the audience selectors to make things privatemost of it is explained here Read More »