Facebook has blocked my IP address on my mobile. How do I get it back?

Answer Wow im having same problem with my iphone and im on orange :/ :/ how **** is facebook seriously was fine last night and now bang im abusing people over facebook what a joke :@:@:@.Has anyone heard ... Read More »

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Facebook wont let me log back in without mobile phone bullshit!?

the reason it's happening to you is because you arent allowed to make more than one facebook account, and they can tell when you do it anyways....

Can anyone trace my IP address back to my computer if i made a fake Facebook account?

Not that I am condoning false FB pages however : You can use a free vpn or proxy to hide your IP. Try downloading the "Stealth" plugin for Firefox. Cyberghost and Expatshield are also free, easy an... Read More »

So i am using CyberGhost so people can not track my fake facebook accounts IP address back to my computer.?

I'd recommend offshore VPN service that is private, secure and reliable

My dad blocked https://facebook and http://facebook. What do i do?

Join twitter. Or get a phone and join from there.