Facebook email add accidentaly removed?

Answer If you are using a desktop you can see on top asking you to update your email and after that you have to confirm it. Check your email to confirm.

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My old email how do i get the password to change the email for my facebook?

try answering your secret questions to get into your email account

I need to add a new email to my facebook im locked out my acount and email?

if you cant log in because you are locked out, you have to wait until you pass your security checks to get back in, and then once you are in you can change your info and change emails etc.if you fo... Read More »

If you reply to a facebook message by email, how can you tell if it sent, without checking facebook?

its gets sent when you reply the e-mail. but whether its read or not can be assured after checking FB only

How do you removed you're location from Facebook?

If he sees it on message click the triangle button and it will turn off location findIf you want it off your comment press the city's name before posting a comment it will delete the city's name iI... Read More »