Facebook down mine won't load.?

Answer Same problamo ;)

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Facebook wont load on my computer ?

it's ok people no need to have a coronary!

Is facebook down now mine just went out?

Mines been out since about 1030 last night...I'm in upstate ny..and I also use frontier

Can anybody body in england get on facebook 14/01/2011 just wont load :'(?

its now 10.52 here and since 8.00 I have been unable to log in. The page is not loading up at all, tried mozilla, internet explorer, page just stays blank. I did try going through a proxy server an... Read More »

Why wont my youtube/google/facebook homepage wont work?

Have you installed any extensions lately..??I suggest you to reset Chrome :)If you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista :Press Windows Key + R to bring up command prompt. Enter " %LOCALAPPDATA%\Goo... Read More »