Facebook doesn't show any pictures?

Answer That's not Facebook, its probably just your internet provider, as FB is working fine for me right now.

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How do I make it so the "message" button doesnt show up on my facebook profile?

go into your settings and the only way to change it is to only allow friends or people who know you to message you

Why don't my uploaded pictures from iphone 4 show on my Facebook wall?

This is a matter of common opinion. To most people, the iPod Touch is an iPhone without the phone part (and you can't have at&t or Verizon service, so no personal hotspot). There is no difference b... Read More »

Why doesnt my camera take pictures?

My memory card doesnt want to import pictures!?

You don't get it. Memory cards aren't supposed to import picture files... they're supposed to record from the camera and then upload - that's all.Using any memory card this way will destroy it and... Read More »