Facebook chat emoticons?

Answer Facebook emoticon smilie emote for smile!Happy emote: :) or :-)Facebook emoticon smilie emote for a big smile!Really happy emote: :D or :-DFacebook emoticon smilie emote for wink!Wink emote: ;) or ... Read More »

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Where's a good place for teens to chat that isn't a chat room and isn't Myspace, Twitter, or Facebook?

What Do Facebook Emoticons Mean?

Facebook emoticons refer specifically to any emoticons that are supported by Facebook's Facebook Chat feature. Any emoticon can be typed out in a Facebook Chat message, but only those that are supp... Read More »

How to Make Emoticons on Facebook?

Emoticons are combinations of keyboard strokes you can use to represent or depict facial expressions when sending messages or chatting on the Internet. Examples of emoticons are smiley faces, frown... Read More »

How do I make emoticons on Facebook?

Choosing an Appropriate EmoticonChoose an appropriate emoticon for what you want to express on Facebook Chat: ":)" for a happy face, ":(" for a sad face, ":D" for a grinning face, "&D" for a goofy ... Read More »