Facebook and almost 13 year old?

Answer I agree with the other 2 people above me, but if that doesnt cut it, i think your mom doesnt understand what facebook IS. she probobly hears on FOX news or something that pedophiles creep on facebo... Read More »

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Would Facebook be ok for an almost 13 year old?

I personally think it is very safe for a 13 year old. If you keep all of your information private to everyone besides your friends then it should be fine.To get her to say yes I would suggest seein... Read More »

Almost 18 and STILL not allowed to have a Facebook?

What are their arguments? What is their major concern? You can't convince them of anything until you understand where they are coming from.Parents want to protect their kids... but at some point, y... Read More »

Do you get annoyed when someone changes their relationship on Facebook almost hourly?

Hey,buddy, don't broadcast your business activity like that! Make those boys wait and act like business is always pretty good, whether you're starving or feasting.

I haven't had my period in almost a year?

You may be aneamic. This means you have a lack of iron intake in your diet, and in which case you would need to change your diet a bit. Basically, your blood has not enough to give away, so your pe... Read More »