Facebook addicts: how are you coping with it being down?

Answer I already changed the lightbulbs outside (which meant finding a screwdriver, running to the store for the right kind of bulbs, cleaning it all with soapy water and windex), folded laundry, vacuumed... Read More »

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How can a first responder help cocaine addicts?

The dosage necessary for a fatal cocaine overdose is approximately 1.2 grams. A person can achieve extremely dangerous toxicity with as low as 20 milligrams, according to the Internet Drug Index. R... Read More »

Are heroin addicts sociopathic?

On One Hand: Yes, They AreMany heroin addicts exhibit behavior and attitudes that are indistinguishable from the actions of a sociopath, a person who is incapable of feeling sympathy for another pe... Read More »

Does the carbohydrate addicts diet work?

On One Hand: Can Be Very EffectiveThe carbohydrate addicts diet (also often called carb diet) can be very effective because it still provides enough good carbs to a dieter to satiate any addiction,... Read More »

I have a bit of a deep question for fellow RTV addicts, can you help?

We are Sad morons Gart, you know it, I know it..why pretend. I embrace my imbecilic tendencies. Hail to the rise of the Idiots…