Facebook addicts: how are you coping with it being down?

Answer I already changed the lightbulbs outside (which meant finding a screwdriver, running to the store for the right kind of bulbs, cleaning it all with soapy water and windex), folded laundry, vacuumed... Read More »

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Is it true Facebook is being shut down March 15?

Of course it is true. Any website with bat boy in their logo is a trusted, reliable news website. Weekly World News is as reliable as, say, the Onion.

How to Cope With Being Turned Down?

Have you ever told someone you liked them and they turned you down? And then you're just depressed and don't know how to face them or ever speak to them again? Well you've come to the right place!

Can someone track you down with Facebook?

no, and even with an IP address you still wouldnt be able to track them down without a court order

How to Cope with Being Constantly Put Down and Emotionally Hurt?

Bullies are something that everyone will experience throughout their life. When you are younger, you experience these bullies at school. The bullying may come in other forms as you continue to grow... Read More »