Facebook Users did you know!?

Answer Yes, this can be stopped to some extent. Go to your profile and "Privacy" . Change you settings accordingly. The best advice is to make your limited profile. In your limited profile , do not includ... Read More »

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Facebook users - Read this?

well can you answer why my computer began getting slower and slower since i started using fb apps?? My mozilla used to work fine, until i started using FB. And my computer isnt old, i only bought i... Read More »

FACEBOOK USERS! Can You Give Me Three Reasons...?

It is a little more basic. But both have good/bad.Myspace:- profile designs. You can make it more about yourself and who you are (music, layout etc.)- It is cleaner, the set-up is more organized th... Read More »

How to Send Mail to Facebook Users?

Facebook offers its users multiple ways to communicate with each other. From instant messaging to wall postings and "pokes," you can usually get the attention of a Facebook friend fairly quickly. F... Read More »

What the hell is wrong with Facebook users?

Lmao... So true... I don't know why they do that, annoys me too.