Facebook Problem. Pleasee help.?

Answer I know that there is a Iphone app in the app store. Although your data plan has to have internet. Hope this helps.

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Problem with Mom and Facebook?

Tell her that this is your account, so who you're friends with is up to you. I don't think parents understand that Facebook is mainly for communication with people you are close to, not family memb... Read More »

Facebook problem help please?

Just logging again using the email and password that you used to use and you will in again.

Please help me!! problem with facebook!?

Okay, you might be on one of Facebooks new 'lists'.From your friends perspective (their profiles), Facebook may have automatically listed you on a list like "Close Friends" or "Family".That means t... Read More »

Can anyone help me with this facebook problem?

Report this issue to Facebook customer officer.