Facebook Photo Vanished! Help pls.?

Answer Report the problem to Facebook. check this link:…Hope this helps you out. BEST WISHES :)

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Facebook for iPhone photo album problem...can anyone help me, pls?

Its Most Likely a Error With The Facebook App Try Doing it From the Mobile Site and see if that works Please Contact Facebook at the Help Center and Report the Problem to them

Please help! I can't change my facebook business page cover photo!?

Simply go to your Facebook Fan Page.On mouse hover on the cover photo on the right end bottom side you will see "Change Cover"Simply click it and do the necessary changes you require.And your cover... Read More »

How can I get more facebook likes on a contest photo Please help me get more!?

tag people in your pic.. if they love it they will like it and share it in different groups..

Facebook help - since Facebook doesn't have an adequate help desk?

That is facebook's antispam feature thinking you are doing something wrong. What applications do you use? Do you send out a lot of invitations or messages to people using one of those apps?I did so... Read More »