Facebook-Photo Blocking?

Answer if the person posts it and specifically hides it from you, there is no way to know that it existsask your friends to keep an eye out for the picture showing up on facebook - that's about all you ca... Read More »

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Blocking on Facebook!?

Yes even though you blocked him on facebook and your sister tagged you in a photo he will still be able to see the post because your sister is friends with him that you blocked.Hope this helps?

Facebook blocking question?

if u block him, he wont be able to view ur profile nor see it in search results for ur name. but if hes smart enough then he will figure out that u blocked him. either that or he will think that u... Read More »

Question about blocking people on facebook?

Some times they can and other times they can't....ppl have me blocked and i can see their comments on pictures but not on statuses xx

Facebook keeps blocking me due to spam, I didn't even post Read details below.?

At upper right of FB page click on the Gear>Help>Report a Problem. The great thing about FB, unlike Yahoo, they really do look into a problem and contact you about it.