Facebook Page HACKED?

Answer Hi,From your question i am able to understand that, your facebook admin page has been hacked, and you were the owner of the same.Actually as a precaution measure don't ever install any apps of fac... Read More »

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Hacked Facebook page?

How do I get my hacked facebook page back?

Go to your browser address bar and write and press Enter. Now you write your email address and click next. Thus facebook want some answer to your account. Give right answer ... Read More »

How to get back a hacked facebook fan page?

i hate to tell you this, but this happens all the time, and there's nothing you can do about itnever give someone admin privileges to someone you dont know or dont trust

My facebook got hacked i deactivated it can it still be hacked?

As a security procedure, you can 1st change the password of your Facebook account and then Deactivate it :)