Facebook: If two people have 92 mutual friends shouldn't they be friends?

Answer well if people have 92 mutual friends and aren't friends themselves than most of the 92 probably aren't real life friends, just friends over facebook. It seems the average for everyone on facebook ... Read More »

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What does mutual friends mean on facebook and do you choose the friends to be in this or is it random?

Mutual friends are friends in common. You can't really pick. You have bob as your friend, and so does another person, and you and that other person have a mutual friend.

How to Get Mutual Friends on Facebook?

Haven't you got any mutual friends on Facebook? This article will show you how to get some!

How to make sure others can only see mutual friends on facebook?…

How do I make mutual friends on facebook?

you cant make mutual friends. mutual friends are just the friends that you and another user have in common. ex: say i'm on facebook and i go on another girl's profile, i look right above the frien... Read More »