Facebook: I am 12 weeks and craving twizzlers?

Answer Raising awareness for what? If you say breast cancer I'll slap you. There is no one on this planet who isn't aware of breast cancer.

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Facebook weeks craving?

it's a game for breast cancer awareness. you're not supposed to let the guys know what you're doing...It's time to confuse the men again (not that its really that hard to do :)) Everyone knows it m... Read More »

What does ( ___ weeks) and I'm craving (_____) mean on facebook?

Its to raise awareness for breast cancer and the joke is not to tell men. Your month of birth is changed into weeks and then your day will have a specific food that you would be craving.The info i... Read More »

What is this facebook status thing " 8 weeks and craving icecream"?

Its awareness of NOTHING.Jan - 1week Feb - 2weeks March- 3weeks April- 4weeks May - 6weeks June- 8weeks July- 10weeks August- 12weeks September-13wee ks October -14weeks November-16 weeks December ... Read More »

People posting on Facebook like "I'm 4 weeks in and craving skittles"?

Yea...idk it's really stupid. Apparently girls are sending chain letters and your supposed to post this in order to spread breast cancer awareness....but I don't get how pretending your pregnant an... Read More »