Facebook Home?

Answer Make sure you log out every time. Your computer will automatically store your password, and after you type in your user name the password will be filled in. To stop this, go to the control panel an... Read More »

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I can post pictures on to facebook , but when i try to post a home video to facebook it wont work?

explain need 2 go in depth with your question or no one can actually give you an answer 2 your question!

Facebook Home................?

Hey, don't worry Facebook Home will support on your HTC One probably in the next few weeks..

I can't get to facebook on my computer at home?

I think facebook is down everywhere. I am having the same problem, as are alot of other people.

What exactly does it mean on facebook when you see on the top right under the home button , , the following?

He probably diddnt add you and just requested it only you can confirm it on Facebook unless its some kind of hacking which I doubt