Facebook Help Pictures are missing?

Answer Tags on photo or actual photos may have been removed from Facebook. As such there are number of reasons, photos may stop appearing on facebook (as explained at link below)

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Someone I do not know has pictures of my son on their facebook! HELP?

Just relax.You have no control over what others post on Facebook.Facebook has not taken action because there is no crime or terms of use violation involved.As for "who is looking at the pictures", ... Read More »

Where can i ask a help if someone using my pictures and cellphone number on facebook without my permition?

Either get help from the facebook site itself by reporting the person, or go to the police.

My mac isn't showing any pictures in web pages like Facebook and Google pictures.?

If this just started happening and was working correctly before now AND you haven't installed anything in between working and not working...Run basic maintenance: repair permissions and verify disk... Read More »

Why are some Facebook messages going missing?

I'm not sure. Ever since they changed some things I've had the same problem. I thought it was my old phone.... Til now