Facebook Crashed Again!?

Answer Facebook users have been seeing the site go on and offline Thursday. The company issued a statement but gave no explanation as to the cause:We’re currently experiencing some site issues causing F... Read More »

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Has facebook crashed?

I can't log in or anything either. That's why I came here, to see if it was just me or not. Guess not.

My computer recently crashed and I lost everything. Is there a way to save my entire files if it happens again?

Yes you can purchase a back-up drive at almost any store where computers are sold. They come with instructions and a program that will easily transfer all you files and programs to and from your c... Read More »

Is Facebook down again?

Same here, i can't access my facebook. Was looking forward to masturbate to my gf's pic! Now im so disappointed...:(

Is Facebook down again 29 Sep , 14:57 GMT?

Grrrr! Its so annoying! I planted some strawberries on farmville this morning and i need to log in before they die!