Facebook Cartoon Pic Scam?

Answer I hope this will answer your question it only has been released on the daily mail news today on this following website. it pretty much explains it all. Read More »

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Facebook Childhood Cartoon Scam?

Ok so here's the scoop, it's B.S. There is no actual fact behind the pedophile thing. It was made up probably from someone who was sick of seeing all the cartoon faces. I have searched high and ... Read More »

How do i unsubscribe from the facebook iq test scam?

Not all applications on the popular social networking site Facebook are as harmless as tending virtual farm animals or pretending you're in the mafia. Unfortunately, some are actually ads cloaked a... Read More »

Is this 'free mac book air' a scam (facebook ad)! help!!!!?

yes you cheap bastarddo you really think apple would want to give away a FREE productthey have their ipods break in a year so you could buy another one because in that time they end up coming out w... Read More »

Cartoon profile picture on Facebook?

People seem to say it's retarded. But it does bring the subject to light. It's for AWARENESS and if you have to google, yahoo search and blog to find out what it's all about.. Well now you know. Ch... Read More »