Facebook, Bebo or MySpace?

Answer Facebook. I like it because it's plain and simple. Myspace is too....annoying. I don't know what Bebo is...

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Bebo,myspace or facebook?

I'm on all three, which is pretty simple, i prefer bebo as it is easier to customise your page and to upload photos and has a far better system although more children use it these days

MySpace, Facebook or Bebo?

myspace, i hate facebook how the hell do u use it?!

Myspace, bebo, facebook?

Myspace - cause you can do ALOT more with your profileBebo - cause its the easiest to workFacebook - cause its fairly simple (well now anyway i didnt like the old version, was too slow)


urm i like all 3 but i preer bebo or facebook because myspace hardley any of my friends has got it but then agen bebo changes page doesnt work very well atm so im not sure i like all 3 :) x