Facebook Account ( a question please! )?

Answer Yes your friend will be able to see all the message you sent them still. Your name will be in plain black text with no link to your profile.They do say the number of times you can activate and reac... Read More »

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Can you like my fans account on facebook please?

WARNING:This is a serious survey question- Have you got a facebook account?

A question about Gmail account, please help!?

no he cannot see anything that you viewed when logged in his account. But, he can see what are the recent web pages visited without his logged in name. Suppose if you visited logged in his name on ... Read More »

Facebook Question, Please?

Type the name in the searchbar click at the bottom of the list of names 'see more', then on the left it should have a list of options click on the one saying people and it'll come up with location ... Read More »