Facebook - The air of mystery has died for many....?

Answer Has it taken you that long to realise people are more stupid then they look?Some people are so dangerous with their own and other peoples personalinformation they should never be allowed within 30 ... Read More »

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My Tribe Facebook Mystery?

1.Iron Oxide Monolith (Red Rock)-drop one tribee with both 15 construction skill and 15 science skillREWARD: Makes anything using tools go quicker2.Celestial Starstone (Yellow rock with Star)-use s... Read More »

What mystery show's pilot involve a kid seaking out an ex navy seal at Key's End to find his father who died in a crash flying drugs which are later found to be humanitarian?

When a book about Amelia Earhart's mystery talks about the oni investigating ae's mystery-is this the real CIA or NCIS?

What happens to facebook profiles after the person has died?

For everyone who has died, their Facebook page remains online unless a family member asks for it to be removed, providing information that they are actually a relative of the deceased.