Facebook - Liking A Page?

Answer Hi,Sure, you can do that. Just follow the instructions.…Good luck.

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Facebook auto liking -_-?

Dont Use Those Applications They Are Not Allowed On Facebook, He Probably is Going to Get Suspended Later on For Using those If you Read the Terms of Service it States that Using Programs Is Not Al... Read More »

Liking a guys Facebook picture...yes or no ?

Yeah of course its ok! Why would you add him if you're not going to have any type of communication? And you know him. If you like one of his pictures, then like it!I rarely add random guys to my FB... Read More »

Please vote for my baby in facebook photo liking contest?

How About No Go Ask Some Place Else this is Not the Place to Ask For Likes If you Read The Rules Its Not Allowed On here

I have a photography page on Facebook. How do I make it so people can't steal pictures from my page?

that isnt possible - anyone can "steal" any picture they can see