Facebook - Can you clarify this for me, please?

Answer no . is the simple answer

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LCD TVs vs LCD monitors - Can you clarify for me?

Hi smc.For monitors without an in-built digital tuner, you will need a TV Adapter/Card, which allows the monitor to receive a TV signal. Most monitors will allow this. Generally TV's and monitors a... Read More »

How to Clarify Stock?

Making clarified stock from scratch is an easy, economical investment in big flavor and added nutritional value for your dishes

How to Clarify Hair?

Clarifying hair removes anything on the hair that is not permanent. Buildup of hair styling products, environmental pollutants, oil, dirt and even paint can be removed with a clarifying product. Th... Read More »

How to Clarify Butter?

Clarified butter is melted butter with the solids and water removed, used in sauces and for lobsters. It is the base of much Indian cooking.