Face stings when using sunscreen?

Answer It's possible to develop an allergy to a product used previously. Possibly this is the culprit:Sodium lauryl sulfate is an anionic surfactant used in many cleaning and hygiene products. SLS has bee... Read More »

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Is it good or bad that your face stings when you put on moisturizer or lotion?

if you have sunburn. good.if you have acne..........bad.or if you have a normal clean face still..bad!it should soothen and moisturize not sting!

How to Prevent Acne on the Back When Using Sunscreen?

Some people are prone to acne or pimples. And if you're no stranger to breakouts, using everyday products, such as lotion or sunscreen, can trigger acne on different parts of your body, including y... Read More »

How to Use Sunscreen on the Face?

How to Use Sunscreen on the Face. Facial sunscreen products are more important than those used on any other part of your body. Failing to use enough sunscreen on your face can reduce the product's ... Read More »

Sunscreen for the face, advice needed pls?

Use a moisturizer with sunscreen then put your normal foundation over it