Face book error:out of memory on line 26 or 31?

Answer Rest assured, I'm pretty sure its only an internal FBook server problem. Cause if its happening to your computer AND mine, than something tells me it isnt our computers. And for me it just started ... Read More »

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Facing Back the Face Book: What is your view about the five things that you should not share in the book?

ya its good awareness for common people after this many people will be alert also get some knowledge on this issue, me too having facebook account and i use that only rare occasion , by reading i g... Read More »

How do i get on face book?

if you dont have a facebook account just go to and create a new account or sign up.

Out of Memory: Line 28?

It's a problem with Facebook. They're using too much of your virtual memory. Which happens to people who don't have a lot of ram or virtual memory to run the scripting on facebook. They were probab... Read More »

Any of my contacts on Face Book?

Sure! Found you : ) You're my first internet friend, lol : )