Face Exercises for Under Eyes?

Answer The eyes are known as the window into your soul, and you want what comes through that window to look young and smooth. So, to help rid your eyes of unwanted marks and prevent them from occurring, y... Read More »

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Exercises to Get Rid of Bags Under the Eyes?

While we all could use a little more rest, many people who suffer from under-eye "bags" and puffiness aren't necessarily sleep deprived. Actually, aging, genetics, allergies, and consumption of sa... Read More »

Exercises for Bags Under the Eyes & Jowls?

Sometimes a smile is not all it takes to make yourself look years younger. Facial exercises to reduce the look of sagging jowls and bags under your eyes are much easier on your skin than chemical t... Read More »

Exercises for Your Eyes to Prevent Wrinkles and Tone Your Face?

Preventative eye exercises help strengthen and tone face muscles while diminishing the appearance of eye wrinkles. The appearance of crow's feet around eyes, lines around your mouth and bags under ... Read More »

What could cause facial swelling on the forehead down the left side of the face and under the eyes?

%REPLIES% Answer A spider bite. This exact thing happened to my friend the other day. Answer Hello. I have light red rush on my chin, a little bit on the forhead. I don't know what it is. Could it ... Read More »