Fabrics in 18th Century Dresses?

Answer The gamut of fabrics available to choose from today were not available in the 18th century. Options were primarily limited to silk, wool, linen and cotton. Printed patterns were relatively rare, un... Read More »

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18th Century Day Dresses?

As the political landscape of the 18th century changed, so did the day fashions of affluent women in England and Western Europe. The lavishly trimmed gowns with cinched waists and voluminous skirts... Read More »

18th Century Colonial Dresses?

During colonial times in the 18th century, women wore dresses of a style influenced by the styles seen in Europe at the time. Women's dresses had various parts, such as a shift and petticoat, that ... Read More »

18th Century English Dresses?

The fashions of England in the 18th century were largely influenced by the royal court's tendencies. Women's dress styles changed dramatically from 1700 to 1800, evolving from somber and reserved t... Read More »

How to Sew an 18th Century Man's Shirt?

In the 18th century, men's shirts were very simple, made of a few rectangles sewn together. They were usually made out of linen because it was durable and easy to clean. You can make a similar shir... Read More »