FOODIES ONLY: How do you feel about an 'under 21' server serving you at a 'causal/fine dining' wine bistro?

Answer I say hire the most qualified applicant regardless of age. You may instruct them to say things like these wines are recommend by the house or the owner suggest the blah blah blah. Instead of them... Read More »

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What do you call those serving tables against the wall near a dining table?

The name of the serving tables that are against the wall in dining rooms are buffets or sideboards. Buffets are typically larger than sideboards, according to the Desert Craftsmen website. Buffets ... Read More »

What is the serving size for wine?

According to the Consumer Federation of America, a standard serving of wine is five ounces. This is markedly less than a standard serving of beer, which is 12 ounces, but greater than a standard se... Read More »

What is the barley wine serving temperature?

Barley wine is a type of beer with a high alcohol content. Most experts agree that barley wine should not be served too cold, as that diminishes its flavor. Instead, it should be served between 57 ... Read More »

What is the best way for a server to get the best tips in a restaurant I Need good serving techniques!?

Okay, here you go!1. Serve from the left. Clear from the right.2. No matter what the people ask for, always act as though it is absolutely your pleasure to give it to them.3. Avoid tables with ... Read More »