FIRE ANT BITE!!! can i still play tennis?

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Fire ant bite, is it serious?

No, you are not having an allergic reaction, you are having a normal reaction.Wash the bubble well and pat dry and apply neosporin several times a day. If it isn't any better in several days, or g... Read More »

How to Play Tennis?

Up for some tennis?Tennis is quite a fun sport. There is a lot you can do in tennis, but you can't do anything if you don't know how to play can you? Read on to find out how to play tennis! WARNING... Read More »

How to Play Extreme Tennis?

This is a game where you play tennis with practically no rules, but lots of fun.

How to Play Tennis Golf?

Golf is an interesting sport. It takes a lot of determination and focus. If you like golf but are worried about actually hitting the ball correctly, Tennis Golf is the sport for you. It is just abo... Read More »