FFXI map dat editor / converter - is it even possible?

Answer Doing a quick Google search using the following keywords would be the first thing to suggest: modify FFXI map dat files And that should get you some promising links like the following: http://www... Read More »

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Do you think homeoquacks even bother diluting their potions to 30C or 30X Is it even physically possible?

As a purveyor of common sense I like your question, it's certainly possible and if the labs are registered they presumably could be inspected.As their rules are far less stringent than 'real' medic... Read More »

Is it possible to get an optical cable converter?

I'm not aware of one, but you may wish to consider any of the following two options:1) Use an a/v receiver so that all inputs can go to your headphone transmitter2) Use the RCA outputs from the AV ... Read More »

Is it true that after Jan. 2009, I will have to rent a converter box for my TV even if I buy a new digital tv?

It depends on what lever of service you get with your cable. Many channels are being migrated to digital on their systems, to make room for more and more HD channels. Their digital format has to ... Read More »

How do i eat myself whole is it even possible?

first cut your feet, cut them in pisces, mix sauses in them and cook them, then cut your one hand and cook it, and use your one hand you cut all the parts of your body and cook them. ( don't cut yo... Read More »