FEMALE'S only! I'm 13 please help me?

Answer I used to feel the same way when I was your age! I didn't ask anybody for razors, my dad bought/buys them in a pack and I would just take one from him lol up to this day. There is no age limit, tha... Read More »

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My Lil Sis is Worried She's 12 and still has not gotten "IT" (FEMALES ONLY!)?

Reassure her that we all develop at different rates and that other girls will ALWAYS find something to make a BIG DEAL out of or even pick on her. Teach her to NOT react when others are fools this... Read More »

How many females are in the air force?

Yes, but it is very difficult. Every fiscal year (October to October for government), they open up about 10-20 slots for reservists to go into active for critically manned fields. Those fields are ... Read More »

How to Seduce Anyone (for Females)?

Have you ever wondered how to make that amazing man across the room look at you? You have to feel seductive. Before you can succeed in seduction you have to be confident, and secure within yourself... Read More »

Females, which guy would you rather date?