FDA Tableware Standards?

Answer On September 10, 2010, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released an alert concerning "Excessive Lead and/or Cadmium" in ceramic tableware. "Dietary lead exposure" causes chroni... Read More »

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What Does Silverplate Mean in Tableware and Flatware?

Silver-plated flatware was first manufactured in the United States in the mid 1800s as an inexpensive alternative to silver flatware. Silver-plated flatware has no precious metal value; however, in... Read More »

How do i clean stainless steel tableware?

Remove DirtRub a soft cloth dipped in white vinegar over stainless steel tableware. Vinegar removes residue from the dishwasher and heat stains from stainless steel.Restore ShineRub a small amount ... Read More »

Compare National teaching standards and CEC new teacher standards?

be carefull with him (or her) be sure to not enrage the child. make sure not to make physical contact for disiplinary action, a few minutes alone is much more affective.

What Are IRB Standards?

IRB stands for Institutional Review Board. The purpose of an IRB is to protect human subjects when they are used for research. In the U.S., the federal government sets IRB standards. Institutions s... Read More »