FB stalker check lol?

Answer The application is stupid and fake. I would recommend that you uninstall it and tell your friends not to install it. Basically, when you install it, you're giving a third party application access t... Read More »

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I'm not a stalker...or am I?

Nah. That happens. Try communicating with them. That is what I did and am now nine months into a relationship.

How do u get rid of a stalker?

File a police report. Begin keeping a journal of every instance where you saw him, when it was, etc.Document everything he does and says.If this keeps up you can file a temporary restraining order.... Read More »

How to Get Rid of a Stalker?

If you have such problems as someone constantly following you, turning up unexpectedly in numerous places, sending copious e-mail or text messages, sending offensive or worrying snail mail items, l... Read More »

How to Spot a Stalker?

Ever thought you are being stalked? Well just read these steps to find out how to see if someone is stalking you.