FAVORITE going out places in LA?

Answer there are so many things to do here in los angeles, in and around the area. i personally do not go there quite often, as there are many places closer to my home. i have included a link for you, s... Read More »

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What's are your favorite places to eat?

What are your favorite places to buy clothes or shoes?

Dillard for shoes and purses. And some clothes.Gap for jeansKohls

What are your favorite places to shop for clothes?

My Style Is More Cool And Sorta Like Alex On WOWP And So My FAVORITE Is WETSEAL! Heres like what i like:-…-…- h... Read More »

Poll: jamba juice vs starbucks And whats your favorite drinks from both places^.^?

In my opinion, I like Starbucks better (: But i still get jamba juice more often than starbucksI get the Frappucino's from StarbucksAnd I get the Mango-A-Go-Go from Jamba Juice with the daily boost!