FAFSA - which parent to put down?

Answer That student would put the parent that provides the most support. This is the parent who they live with because they are providing housing as well. Also be aware that if that parent is married, t... Read More »

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How to Apply for a FAFSA if You Have an Unknown Parent?

The FAFSA is required for receiving various types of government aid for college, and unless you are filing as an independent student, detailed information on your parents is needed to complete the ... Read More »

FAFSA help...housing "with parent" or "off campus"?

first, if you are considered independent you are either 25+, married, or in armed forces. anyone under the age of 25 and unmarried is dependent even if you do not receive any aid from your parents... Read More »

Which Parents' Information to Use for FAFSA?

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, is required for students preparing to go to college to qualify for federal financial aid, such as grants and student loans. The FAFSA can be ... Read More »

When pouring grease down the kitchen sink, which would be better to flush it down with, warm or cold water?

Don't wash it down the sink at all...just wait until it cools and congeals, then scrape it into the trash with a paper towel. If you simply must pour it down the sick, start the hot water and let i... Read More »