FAFSA question. If I want to take out student loan how to do this?

Answer The fafsa is the starting process to get a federal student loan (a loan is considered financial aid). You will be offered a federal Stafford loan regardless of his income. You can not "re open" a ... Read More »

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Taking out a Sally Mae student loan and want to pay it off at tax time in Feb. of next year. Is this allowed?

You can repay it back at any time after it is taken out.The ONLY time they raise the interest rate is when your loan is in default or late. Then they can sell the loan and charge more interst. Th... Read More »

I'm about to take out a $33,000 student loan. I'm nervous. Am I going to hate myself for this later?

33K for one year is insane. Do you realize that you will have to have a cosigner that will have to have a low enough debt-to-income ratio to cosign for you for that much all four years? Are they ... Read More »

STUDENT LOAN QUESTION: I was curious about whether you could be put in jail for defaulting on student loans?

You cannot be put in jail for defaulting on your loans because there is no debtor's prison in the U.S. Also, you cannot have your education revoked because of bad debt. However, your Alma Mater may... Read More »

I need a private student loan (didnt qualify for fafsa) without a cosigner(ALL relatives have bad credit).?

Like Found-1 above me said, ANYBODY and EVERYBODY can qualify for a federal student loan through fafsa, even with bad credit. Federal student loans do not go by credit anyways. If you did the faf... Read More »