FAFSA - first come first serve?

Answer No, it's not the same! If you apply in February, you have a better chance of being awarded several types of grants or whatever is available at your instituion. If you wait until June, those funds ... Read More »

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WHO WANTs One first come first served!!?

1. 142. 8th Grade Graduation3. Edgy, chic4. Any!5. Don't need many. Just heels and a cute dress.6. Everyone! It's graduation after all.Thanks a bunch! I really like it!

FAFSA- First timer?

Jeremy is correct. Your efc is not the amount you are going to have to pay for college. It is just a code your school uses to determine how much and what kinds of fin aid you get. The best deter... Read More »

Who was the first President to serve in the US Navy?

According to the U.S. Naval Historical Center in Washington, John F. Kennedy was the first sailor to ever serve as President. His Navy career is immortalized in the book and movie "PT-109", which i... Read More »

Were did the navy seals first serve?