FAFSA Question?

Answer Call customer service

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Question about FAFSA?

Peach:A few things you need to think about in this situation:1. If you are receiving a Pell Grant, the amount of your grant award was determined by your registration status - full time students (12... Read More »


You have to get more scholarship from other sources such as Bright Future etc.

Efc error(fafsa question)?

They have a phone number on the website that you can call. Call them ASAP and explain the circumstances. You should be able to have them make the necessary changes over the phone.Patty

Question about the FAFSA?

You can submit your FAFSA today, however, it will take an initial 24-72 hours to process. That means until it does you cannot get back into it to make corrections.The PIN number is used as an elec... Read More »