FAFSA Pell Grant My EFC is 2581?

Answer You will prob get around $2,000 to $2,100 a year (half in the fall 08 and half in the spring 09) in Pell if you attend full time and meet all other requirements for the grant... like no defaulted l... Read More »

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How do I know why FAFSA denied my Pell Grant for the next semesters?

Your income counts at a higher percentage rate than your step dad's income when it comes to the EFC score. Your income going up $6000 in one year could have impacted it. The reason being is that th... Read More »

I just filed my fafsa and rec'd a score of 10 EFC BUT I am not eligible for the Pell Grant. Why?

There are a couple of reasons why you might not... check for errors.. Do you already have a bachelors degree? (4 Year college degree after high school) If you don't, did you say you did on one of... Read More »

FAFSA Question SAR ready. EFC 5320. How come I'm not elegible for a Fed Pell Grant!! HELP PLZ!?

Unfortunately, your expenses or "quality of life" isn't taken into account when calculating your Pell eligibility. A doctor or a lawyer with a $8,000 a month house payment may also live "paycheck ... Read More »

I have $12,000 out from a student loan from a bank! If I get the pell grant or any thing from FAFSA...?

Let's not label every private education loan lender as an agent of evil. *grin* Many of them in the business provide a necessary vehicle for college students to be able to afford to attend colleg... Read More »