FAFSA- First timer?

Answer Jeremy is correct. Your efc is not the amount you are going to have to pay for college. It is just a code your school uses to determine how much and what kinds of fin aid you get. The best deter... Read More »

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FAFSA - first come first serve?

No, it's not the same! If you apply in February, you have a better chance of being awarded several types of grants or whatever is available at your instituion. If you wait until June, those funds ... Read More »

First Timer To Warped Tour?

Don't try too hard. Dress how you normally do, but I will give more details later.Here is some advice and stuff: What to bring...1. Small backpack, drawstring bag, tote bag or anything to put stuff... Read More »

How to Photograph a First Timer Nude?

Image courtesy of Elegant Eye PhotoPhotographing someone nude, who has never modeled nude before, presents a special challenge. For the first timer, there are some tips and techniques that can mean... Read More »

First timer taking acid/LSD ?… - Highly recommend this site. This will tell you everything you didn't already know.You'll see fractuals and patterns on surfaces. Colors are more cont... Read More »