FAA Tower Lighting Requirements?

Answer Structures that protrude into the sky, depending on their height, can create serious safety hazards for aircraft that must navigate around them. Regulations involving these structures are rigorousl... Read More »

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Airport Lighting Requirements?

Airports have specific lighting requirements so that planes know where they are going at night on the runways, where they should take off from and where they should land. Without the proper lightin... Read More »

Aircraft Lighting Requirements?

Aircraft must have appropriate navigation and fixed lights according to the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration), so they may operate in air traffic lanes with safety and comfort. Similar to the r... Read More »

The Lighting Requirements for Chaetomorpha?

Chaetomorpha is a a seaweed popularly used in aquariums to provide refuge for small fish. It can tolerate a variety of light levels, but does best when the mass of strands that make up this "spaghe... Read More »

The Lighting Requirements in Restaurants?

Restaurant lighting is important for the safety and comfort of diners while they eat or spend time in the restaurant. A restaurant must meet certain requirements, both on the restaurant floor and i... Read More »