F4180 All-In-One. The printer and copier work, but the scanner doesn't?

Answer Hi PiratePower on the office jet and disconnect the usb cable from the printer.Now, install the software and it will advise you to connect the usb to the printer. Do it.Now the software will comple... Read More »

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Why is my Scanner, printer copier does not work Brother all in one copy scan, print?

Without the model number no one can help diagnose your problem

All in one printer/scanner/copier?

I just got one. It's an HP deskjet F2180 it's only £30 from Wilkinsons with an extra £3 for delivery but I'm sure you can get one in Curry's or somewhere and pick it up.It's brilliant.It takes 21... Read More »

Best Printer scanner and copier to buy..?

HP of course, Hello,Here are some sites to shop at.…… Read More »

Help with my printer/scanner/copier?

You have to use the software that came with the scanner or it won't work.Hp have a software that comes with each scanner and and called HP Wizard or something to that effect. Or, use Photoshop and... Read More »