F-Stop to Keep Entire Face in Focus?

Answer Go to and read about Depth of Field (DOF). DOF is affected by three factors:1) The focal length of the lens.2) The f-stop chosen.3) The subject distance.Use the ... Read More »

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Is it okay to keep my GPS plugged in the entire trip?

You will not damage it by leaving it plugged in the car for the entire trip. that is exactly how you are supposed to use it.May's answer is a little bizarre at best and I really have no idea what h... Read More »

If I keep the refrigerator door opened and switch it on, will the entire room get cold?

No. The air immediately in front of the opened door will be cooler but, take a look at the back of your refrigerator. That grill is there to release the heat taken from inside the refrigerator into... Read More »

When I stay out late I wake up with puffy eyes,and my entire face really shows my lack of sleep.What can I do?

For people who frequently get puffy around and under the eye, I would recommend going to your doctor or current physician and having your kidneys and liver process checked. Many people who are puff... Read More »

How to Stop Pidgin From Stealing Focus?

Pidgin makes combining all of your instant messaging accounts on your computer simple through the software's wide range of protocol support. Unfortunately, some of the default settings for Pidgin c... Read More »