Eyes Sting When washed with Soap?

Answer Same as testicle problem.Try using the soap on your testicles, and use eye wash in your eyes.Keep your clothes on when patrolling your horse trails.

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Can you pregnant if you washed your penis with soap and ejaculated and then had sex again?

Yes since you will have pre-ejaculate each time you are inside even though you don't ejaculate. That can contain sperms as well.

I had sex with HIV positive woman but soon I got it washed with soap towice. Do you think I am infected now?

If soap helped we would all know about it. Hopefully you were using protection. If not you need to get tested and quick!! There is the chance that you did not get infected but there is also the c... Read More »

Cut my hand on a rusted fence not deep at all washed it right away with soap and water but did not but bandage?

you need to apply an antibiotic ointment and a bandaid. Also, be sure you are current with your tetanus shot.You need the band aid to protect the wound until it totally closes.

Why do my eyes always sting very badly ,what ever i do?

Hmm :/ maybe you might be slighlty allergic to flowers. My eyes are a little puffy and itchy, and its flower season I think.