Eyelash Perming Procedures?

Answer An eyelash perm typically lasts eight to 12 weeks and frees you from having to use the eyelash curler everyday. It is a procedure that can be done at home. But it requires such skill, precision and... Read More »

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Eyelash Perming?

As a busy woman, you may be interested to discover that eyelash perming is a step you can take to shave minutes off of your makeup routine. If you are searching for ways to look refreshed throughou... Read More »

Disadvantages of Eyelash Perming?

It sounds simple enough--you lie back and close your eyes as a licensed technician adheres your eyelashes to a small spongy roller. There is protective gauze in the area underneath your eyes in the... Read More »

Eyelash Perming Tools?

Most people's eyelashes grow straight out of the eyelid, which is why eyelash curlers are so popular. Eyelash curlers create a subtle or dramatic curl in your eyelashes that can last a few hours to... Read More »

Best Eyelash Perming in Los Angeles?

Many people who feel they don't have nearly enough time in the day will often look for convenient methods of upkeep, so to speak. They opt for "wash and go" hairstyles, spray-on tans, laser hair re... Read More »