Eye Shadow Tips & Tricks?

Answer According to a June 2009 survey by the Marist Poll, 81 percent of American women wear makeup at least some of the time. If you belong to this group and eye shadow application is part of your daily ... Read More »

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Who played don maddox in bbc's new tricks episode shadow show?

Matthew Gray Gubler. This characters name is Spencer Reid.

Eye Shadow Tips?

We've all seen the garish, bright blue eye shadow look before. In order to avoid looking like a clown or a raccoon when you apply your eye shadow, there are a few tips you can follow. Certain color... Read More »

Eye Shadow Color Tips?

Eye shadow provides women a chance to be creative and enhance an important feature. Whether going to the office or out on a date, there are a variety of eye shadows and colors to choose from to cr... Read More »

Eye Shadow Application Tips?

The colors and textures of eye shadow can provide an exciting opportunity to enhance your eyes. While there are many methods to applying eyeshadow, the key is to enhance the eye shape and overall a... Read More »