Eye Lash Treatments?

Answer Eyelashes frame the eyes and can enhance your overall look. Choose treatments that increase their appearance. Mascara is a temporary solution that may dry and damage your lashes. Use a conditioner ... Read More »

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Help for a beginning false eyelash wearer what are some easy ways to get the lash glue on the lash?

Take your glue and put some on the back of your hand. Squeeze some out only, don't squeeze the whole tube! Then bend your lashes a bit to relax the tense (just like new jeans) then you can dab your... Read More »

What is the origin of the last name Lash?

The Lash surname is thought to be an Anglicization of the German name "Lasch," which was used to refer to a poor or ragged person. The Middle High German word "lasche" means "rag, patch."References... Read More »

How to Use a Lash Curler?

Eyelash curlers are a very useful piece of kit to have in your make up bag. They can give the illusion of longer, thicker lashes when your wearing mascara or faux lashes, or give a natural curl whe... Read More »

How to Set a Valve Lash on SBC?

It's not common for the hydraulic lifters on a small-block Chevrolet engine to need adjustment. Sometimes a lifter begins to wear, which requires resetting the valve lash. If the lifters are replac... Read More »