Eye Lash Growing Tips?

Answer Like other hair on the body eyelashes grow to a certain length and stop, but there are eye lash growing tips that may help them to reach their full potential. Some people have longer hair than othe... Read More »

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Help for a beginning false eyelash wearer what are some easy ways to get the lash glue on the lash?

Take your glue and put some on the back of your hand. Squeeze some out only, don't squeeze the whole tube! Then bend your lashes a bit to relax the tense (just like new jeans) then you can dab your... Read More »

Tips on Growing Stevia?

Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) is a perennial tropical herb. Use the leaves as a low-calorie way to sweeten food and beverages. Although stevia is now available in supermarkets, gardeners are discoveri... Read More »

Tips on growing cuttings?

You make cuttings from the youngest tips about 3 to 4 inches. Cut just below a leaf node and pull the bottom leaf off. Wet the end in water and dip in a rooting hormone (go to a nursery to purch... Read More »

Tips on Growing an Afro?

Wearing an afro can serve as a powerful fashion statement. Whether your goal is to channel 1970s icons or to have a low-maintenance hair style, the afro is a suitable style option. While a soft per... Read More »