Extremely painful injured tailbone?

Answer The muscles alongside your tailbone have tightened up to cause that pain for the bones don't have pain sensors in them, but muscles can get awful tight to cause a lot of pain. Usually there is som... Read More »

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Extremely painful callus on foot?

go see a podiatristshe is an expert on feet and toes

Extremely painful back problems. Help?

Sounds like you've developed sciatica. The muscles in your back seize up with the pain from your trapped sciatic nerve just above your pelvis. A muscle relaxant from the doc can help in the short -... Read More »

Why was my colonscopy extremely painful I had two doses of sedation?

Amnesia does not take place for all patients..Just a note to give you some info on the drug Versed( midazolam) that is used for Sedation for many Dental and Medical procedures...I feel that if peop... Read More »

Ear infection extremely painful please help?

Yes, I think you should go back and see a doctor, perhaps they will give you something stronger than you can buy in a pharmacy for the pain.Meanwhile, take tylenol or ibuprofen, the soluble version... Read More »